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Cathy Coker

Community Work Incentives

Office     501-246-8849

Chris Main

Case Manager

Office     479-802-3915

Constance Nwaogu

Waiver Case Manager

Office     479-802-3913

Mobile    479-966-6900

Caelan Deavours

Waiver Case Manager

Office     479-802-3909

Mobile    479-409-6643

Howard Funkhouser

Employment Director

Office     479-802-3905

Community Work Incentives

Office     479-802-3908

Hilda Lara

Independent Living

Office     479-802-3910

Shannon Long

Community Work Incentives

Office     501-246-8676

Mobile    501-339-1971

Jim Mather, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Office     479-802-3901   

Mobile    479-387-4593

Jerry Clawson

Employment Coordinator

Office     479-802-3907

Kirstin Morgan

Waiver Director

Office     479-802-3902

Denise Olloway

Community Work Incentives


Mobile    870-816-6068

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Rita Reese-Whiting

Independent Living

Office     479-802-3912

David Robbins

Community Work Incentives

Office     501-246-8880

Mobile    501-276-5622

Priscilla Scanlan

Independent Living

Text:     479-802-3906  

Video Phone 479-439-8314


NeCol Whitehead

Deputy Director 

Office     479-802-3903



Office     479-442-5600

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