We promote the 

independence of persons with disabilities​

The Mission of SOURCES for Community Independent Living Services is to promote the independence of persons with disabilities by facilitating and supporting their full integration and participation in ALL aspects of community life.

SOURCES provides services, support, and advocacy for individuals with disabilities, their families and the community.

We are dedicated to consumer-directed services, recognizing that individuals who know the most about their service and support needs are individuals themselves. All services and activities reflect this philosophy.


Jim Mather, Ph.D. - Executive Director

Christy Adams, Administration

Kirstin Morgan, Waiver Director

Elise Burt, Waiver Case Manager

Caelan Deavours, Waiver Case Manager


Howard Funkhouser, Employment Director

Kasi Miller, Employment Coordinator

Cathy Coker, Community Work Incentives

Mary Keith, Community Work Incentives

Shannon Long, Community Work Incentives

Denise Olloway, Community Work Incentives

David Robbins, Community Work Incentives

Hilda Lara, Independent Living

Rita Reese-Whiting, Independent Living

Priscilla Scanlan, Independent Living

NeCole Whitehead, Independent Living

Board of Directors

Brent Williams, Ph.D. - President 

John Wilson - Vice President

Burke Fanari - Secretary

Belinda Carpenter - Treasurer

Rob Harrison 

Keith Vire, Ph.D. 

Dave Reynebeau 

Russ Shaffer


Toll Free: (888) 284-7521

Video: (479) 439-8314

Local: (479) 442-5600

Video: (479) 439-8330

Fax: (479) 442-5192

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