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Ready…Set…GO. The Legislative Session is Under Way!

The 93rd General Assembly convened this week for their regular session. This group of legislators will consider thousands of bills and make hundreds of laws. They will make decisions that affect you, your family, and your community on a daily basis.

During the legislative session, we’ll work to keep you informed. We’re tracking bills on issues that are important to the disability community. We’ll let you know what’s happening at the Capitol, what bills are coming to a vote, what those bills would do, and how they will impact the lives of Arkansans with disabilities.

But it’s also important that you GET INVOLVED. Legislators will make decisions every day that affect your life and the lives of people you care about. Your voice matters. USE IT.

  • Find out who represents you. Let them know your concerns.

  • Do your homework – learn about the issues and make sure your senator and representative have the information they need to do their jobs well.

  • Keep an eye out for DRA Calls to Action, and contact your legislators when important bills are up for a vote. They work for YOU, and they need to hear from you.

Our legislators often don’t have the perspective you have. When you share your experience, you help lawmakers better understand the implications of the bills they’re considering on people with disabilities.

And always remember, there’s strength in our numbers. We can make Arkansas a better place for people with disabilities. But it will take ALL of us, working together.


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