Sources for Community and Independent Living ServicesHelping People with Disablities Live Independently

Why Invest Now?

We have outgrown our current location. To meet the needs of a growing community of people with disabilities, Sources must improve the size, location, versatility, and accessibility of its current location. Sources must have the financial support from the community to achieve this goal.

Sources needs your support to close the gaps that people with disabilities experience. If Sources did not exist, 1650 persons with severe disabilities in Northwest Arkansas would have gone without – without the services that they and their families need to lead independent lives. During the past three years, requests for services from Sources have increased 100%.

In the last three years alone, Sources has added valuable services for the Deaf community, a program to support persons with physical disabilities, mental health counseling services, outreach services to the Hispanic and Latino communities, services for Veterans, and an accessibility coordinator to consult with business and industry regarding architectural modifications and job accommodations. Each and every one of these services makes a difference.

Closing the Gaps

Over the past 24 years, the Harris Poll and Kessler Foundation have assessed the quality of life of people with disabilities. On any number of critical dimensions -- employment, income, education, health care, access to transportation -- data indicate significant gaps when people with disabilities are compared with people without disabilities.

Employment represents the largest gap; 21% of working age people with disabilities are employed compared to 59% of people without disabilities ñ a gap of 38 percentage points. Twice as many people with disabilities, 34%, live in poverty as compared to 15% of people without disabilities. People with disabilities continue to report significantly lower life satisfaction than people without disabilities --- a gap of 27 percentage points. It is time to close these gaps, and Sources for Community Independent Living Services in Northwest Arkansas is dedicated to making that happen.

Together We Can Close the Gaps

Through current information, timely referrals, and direct services, Sources helps people with disabilities and their families with the challenges of disability, realize life goals, and actively participate in the community. To become even more effective, Sources is initiating a capital campaign focusing on three critical areas for all members of society: employment, health care, and education and training.

Employment: Sources’ Career Center aims to close the employment gap experienced by people with disabilities and establish a career ladder for all persons. The Center’s goal is to connect people with disabilities and jobs to lessen reliance on federal, state, and local resources and to promote self-sufficient community members and leaders.

Health Care: The Aging in Place Resource Center will showcase the technology and environmental design possibilities enabling individuals to remain in their homes while our service team will work with the person and family to develop any other support that they need.

Education and Training: The Community Resource and Conference Center provides a multi-purpose space available to people with disabilities, their families, and service providers. In addition to providing a setting for informational and educational programs, the Conference Center is an ideal place for the community to come together and work to solve important issues. SUPPORT Sources’ Capital Campaign today.

Two men having a conversation during SOURCES Fun Day eventChart depicting the gap in employment and poverty between people with disabilities and those without disabilitiesChart depicting the growth in services offered by SOURCES over 5 years and the types of populations that SOURCES serves